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How to Make a Drag-and-Drop Quiz in 7 Steps

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Are you looking for a way to engage your learners while testing their knowledge? Do you want to break the monotony of plain old multiple-choice questions? You can always spice up your assessments with a Drag-and-Drop quiz!

Drag-and-drop quizzes are free-form questions where students answer by dragging and placing pictures, words, and/or shapes to specific areas on a slide. They’re a great way to test your learners’ knowledge on topics that involve some real-life process, such as sorting recyclables or arranging produce on a shelf, as shown in the demo below.

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to create a drag-and-drop quiz with iSpring QuizMaker. If you don’t have it yet, you can begin by downloading iSpring QuizMaker here.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Drag-and-Drop Quiz

Let’s find out if your learners know how to cook an omelet – we’ll do this by asking them to choose the right ingredients in the quiz.

1. Download iSpring QuizMaker and install it on your computer.

2. Launch iSpring QuizMaker and select the Graded Quiz option.

Graded quiz in iSpring QuizMaker

3. Click the Question button on the toolbar and choose the Drag-and-Drop question type.

Drag-and-Drop question in Spring QuizMaker

Once the Drag-and-Drop slide template appears, input your question into the text box and then click on Proceed. Now, move on to placing your pictures – add the frying pan and ingredients.

4. In Slide View mode, you can insert the elements that will act as your draggable objects and destination areas. Click on the Picture button to select your images. From here, arrange them as desired.

Selecting pictures

Note: You can select multiple pictures at once, instead of having to insert them one at a time.

5. Once you have arranged your objects, you can link them together. In Form View mode:

  • Click on the Drag Item column and choose the objects that will be draggable in your question.
  • Click on the Drop Target column and choose the element that will act as your Drop Target for the draggable objects.

In this example, the Drop Target is the frying pan, and the Drag Items are the ingredients. 

Linking the pictures

Note: Each dragged object can have only one destination area or none at all.

6. In the Slide Options on the right, you can configure detailed settings for Drag-and-Drop questions: 

  • Set up the number of question attempts allowed. 
  • Put a time limit on one or multiple questions.
  • Shuffle answers so choices are arranged randomly.
  • Choose whether you want to accept partially correct answers. 
  • Set up answer feedback. 
  • Adjust scoring for correct and incorrect answers. 
  • Choose the way that objects snap to answers, and the manner in which they snap.

For a detailed description of the Slide Options, you can consult the iSpring QuizMaker documentation

7. Once you have finished creating your drag-and-drop quiz, you need to publish it. You can publish directly to your computer in HTML5 format for viewing on the Web, or to an eLearning format like SCORM or Tin Can (xAPI) if you’re going to upload the quiz to an LMS. 

Publishing a quiz in iSpring QuizMaker


The drag-and-drop question is an effective way to test knowledge. However, it functions much better when used in tandem with the 14 other types of quizzes you can make with iSpring QuizMaker. Start creating engaging quizzes today with the iSpring QuizMaker 14-day free trial!

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