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360-Degree Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal

Get a clear picture of your employees' competencies.
See if employees match their job requirements and which competencies need improvement to benefit your business.
The new iSpring Learn tool
comprehensive review of employees' performance

Get a comprehensive review of employees' performance

In iSpring Learn, you can use rating scales to collect anonymous 360-degree feedback from those people that each employee works with, from subordinates to management. This helps to identify the employee's strengths, areas of improvement, and whether they are well suited for their roles.

Why Use the 360-Degree Assessment?

iSpring Learn will present an employee's strengths and areas of improvement in illustrative reports. This will help you assess their competencies in real time and take needed action.

Helps to lay out a development plan

All reviews – from subordinates, colleagues, managers, and customers – are anonymous. The employee doesn't see who is evaluating their performance.

Collects feedback on certain employees' performance

You'll learn what managers, peers, or subordinates actually think of the quality of the employee's work.

Reveals hidden conflicts in a team

iSpring Learn analyzes feedback from various reviewers, so you can consider the employee from different perspectives and understand why they are not able to perform certain job duties well.

Shows if a person matches their job role

Employees are often shy about asking for more responsibilities and ambitious projects. iSpring Learn will identify potential leaders who are trusted by the team.

Helps to create a talent pool

How to conduct Performance Appraisal

Set the assessment
objectives – to find potential executives, for example.
Prepare a rating scale
with relevant questions and assign it to your personnel.
Employees take self-assessments and review each other's performance.
You get a detailed report on each employee.
Set the assessment objectives
Prepare a rating scale
Employees take self-assessments
detailed report

Highlights of 360-Degree Feedback in iSpring Learn

The ultimate competency builder
Helpful assessment guides
Automated assessment
Employees won't see who reviewed their job. Only LMS admins can access this data.


The system allows switching a respondent with another one without restarting the entire assessment process.

Flexible survey settings

If your personnel are new to the 360-Degree approach, you can provide them with an illustrative guide, so they can do everything right.

Helpful assessment guides

iSpring Learn automates everything: from sending survey assignments and notifications to preparing final reports.

Automated assessment

You can adjust iSpring Learn to the competency model used in your organization.

The ultimate competency builder

A detailed stat on each and every employee

Whether it's a general outline or a personal profile, iSpring Learn organizes the feedback into clear reports.
Summary report
A summary report gives an outline of the competencies of every employee assessed. Use it when you need to know who will be a good fit for a specific position or can get promoted soon.
Summary report
Competency Summary
Competency Radar
Allows you to see each
employee's strengths and areas of improvement with clarity. It shows you what competencies are undeveloped, so you can decide how to improve the employee's productivity.

Competency Summary

The Competency Radar shows reviews of subordinates, colleagues, managers, and customers.

Competency Radar

Comparative Analysis

Compare the survey results with the qualities your ideal employee would have. You'll immediately see who matches your criteria and can be promoted and who needs more training.

Activate 360-Degree Performance Appraisal in iSpring Learn

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