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iSpring QuizMaker Demos

Explore these demo tests created with iSpring QuizMaker: SCORM quizzes with source files.


The Basic Rules of Merchandising

There are three basic merchandising rules that help display goods effectively and drive sales in a store. See if you're familiar with them.

First Aid Quiz

Do you know how to perform CPR or help someone who is in cardiac arrest? Take this quiz on first aid to feel more confident in case of an emergency.


Vegas Quiz

Do you think you know everything about that shining neon jewel of the desert, Las Vegas? Test your knowledge with this iSpring quiz!

Mt. Everest Quiz

Take this engaging quiz to test your knowledge of the highest mountain in the world.

New Orleans Quiz

Some people call New Orleans the most unique city in America. Would you like to know why? Take this quiz and find out.

Orlando Quiz

Answer a few questions about the history, nature, and landmarks of Orlando, and have fun learning new facts!

Space Shuttle Quiz

How much do you know about space shuttles? The Space Shuttle program was the United States government’s space program from 1981 to 2011, and during these years, 5 shuttles from the program spent over 1,330 days in space.

Geometry Test

Do you remember which formula you should use to find the area of a circle and can you easily formulate the law of cosines? Take this online quiz to learn how much knowledge of basic Geometry you have.

Olympic Games

The Olympics are international multi-sport events celebrated by people all over the world. The inspiration for creating this major competition came from the Olympic Games held in ancient Greece many centuries ago. Do you know much about the Olympic Games of that time? Check it out with a quiz.

Solar System

The Universe is something that humankind has always wondered about and wanted to explore. Our solar system continues to reveal interesting facts and inspire some ethereal fantasy. Test your knowledge of the planets and the sun with this interactive solar system quiz.


Of course, you know about Big Ben, the London Eye, and legendary red telephone booths. This quiz will let you dive deeper into the culture and history of this amazing city. Take this quiz and find out if you’re a London expert.