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Employee Training Starter Pack

4 minutes

Table of Contents

A collection of resources on getting started with corporate training

Launching corporate training from scratch may seem like an over-the-top challenge at first. In reality, it isn’t always that hard; well, at least it doesn’t have to be hard to be successful. In this starter pack, we’ve collected the most relevant reads on employee training so you can easily understand the current state of affairs and be well on your way to launching your employee training project.

Part 1. What is Employee Training Anyway?

what is an employee training

An employee training program is an official learning activity initiated by a company. By launching it, you start to deliberately manage learning in the company and align with your business goals. These goals could be: 

  • To reduce staff turnover rate;
  • To increase the number of closed deals or level up the average check;
  • To improve customer service, etc. 

All of these and much more can be reached through effective employee training.

? Corporate Training 101: The Basics

? 7 Employee Engagement Strategies: Supercharge Your Staff

? Creating a Culture of Learning [Coming soon

So, do you recommend starting employee training right off?

We’d love to shout ‘YES!! Training your employees is the best thing you can do for your team!’ But is creating a training program always the key? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes, those goals above can be reached with alternative (and, maybe, less expensive) ways. So, before you make any serious investments in training, it’s a good idea to start from a training needs assessment.

? Training Needs Assessment & Analysis

Part 2. Choosing a Training Delivery Method

Choosing a training delivery method

The choice of a certain approach to training delivery will affect the further development of the project as well as the resources and budget size needed. 

There are various ways to organize learning: run classroom sessions, launch a web-based learning hub, or create an email campaign, etc. Knowing what options are there in the list will help you avoid a costly mistake at the start.

? All About Training Delivery: Methods, Approaches & Examples

? What is eLearning?

? What is Blended Learning and How Can It Be Used?

? FAQ on Mobile Learning

? Beginner’s Guide to Scenario-Based Learning

Part 3. Developing Employee Training Programs

Developing employee training programs

The blog posts below will answer three key questions for any decision-maker:

  • What does it take to create an employee training program,
  • Who do I need in my team, and
  • How much does it cost?  

? How to Develop a Successful Employee Training Program

? How Much Does It Cost to Develop an eLearning Course?

Part 4. The Toolkit for Employee Training

The toolkit for employee training

Although we wouldn’t like to match brick-and-mortar training against online learning, the chances are you’ll have to tackle technology one way or another. Adopting the right tech stack can definitely help you get more employees trained better, easier, and efficiently. 

How to choose a learning platform

? What is an LMS, and What Can LMS Do for Your Business?

? LMS Pricing Guide: Find the Pricing Model That’s Right for You

? How to Write a Request for Proposal When Choosing an LMS

? [Checklist] How to Select a Learning Management System

How to choose an authoring tool

? What is an eLearning Authoring Tool?

? Best 8 eLearning Authoring Tools

? [Free whitepaper] How to Choose the Right eLearning Authoring Tool

Part 5. The Common Use-Cases of Employee Training

Use-cases of employee training

While each company is unique, the use-cases for employee training are often the same. Let’s have a closer look at the most popular business scenarios to see what is actually possible and how other companies close their gaps through proper training. 

? New Employee Onboarding

? Employee Compliance Training 101

? On-the-Job Training 101

? Product Knowledge Training

? eLearning for Sales Training

Part 6. Managing Employee Training Programs

Managing employee training

Effective learning (we doubt that you’d want to invest in ineffective one) isn’t a one-and-done exercise. You’ve created a great training program, what’s next?

? What’s‌ ‌the‌ ‌Best‌ ‌Way‌ ‌to‌ ‌Track‌ ‌Employee‌ ‌Training?‌

? How to Measure eLearning ROI

? How to Market Employee Training Programs [Coming soon]

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