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How to Convert a Word Document to SCORM in a Snap

4 minutes
How to convert Word to SCORM
Easy Word to SCORM converter
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Do you want to make your employees study Word manuals, guides, and textbooks like model students? Let’s be honest — you have almost no chance. Anyway, you’ll never know if your colleagues have really studied a document carefully or just quickly scrolled through it. To keep track of what learners are reading and how far they have progressed, convert your Word document into a SCORM package and upload it to your LMS to get statistics. 

In this article, we will describe how to make a .doc file SCORM compliant with iSpring Suite. It allows you to turn your Word document into an interactive book with a pageflip effect. To show you how it looks, we copied our blog post about the 50 best computer-based training tools to Word, converted the file to SCORM in iSpring Suite, and voila… this is what we got: